Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Orlando FL, 7/29/14 (x)


Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Orlando FL, 7/29/14 (x)

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By the time Hunter gets over having mono, I’m going to have so many ridiculous pictures of him sleeping and I’m not even ashamed. 

I’m a terrible sister.


remember: if you want to be taken seriously as a female sports fan you must have watched the sport for a minimum of 27 years, be able to recall the entire roster from last year and 1983, never insinuate that a player is the least bit attractive, and memorize the rule book backwards in Cantonese

Stop hating yourself. Try going one day without saying anything bad about yourself. Try complimenting yourself. Do it again. Buy yourself dinner. Put soft things against your skin. Listen to your favorite songs. Eat ice cream. Eat ice cream naked. You have to spend the rest of your life with you. You’re all you’ve got. Be kind, start loving yourself.

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Anonymous said: yo what did dads do? i havent heard anything bad about them



Ew. Totally didn’t know that. That’s awful and why don’t more people talk about that?

Ari Millen in every Orphan Black episode
► (2.03) Mingling Its Own Nature with It

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TW: rape/sexual assault


Hey, DC/MD/VA people! Do not book or support Amateur Thieves. Their vocalist/bassist Rick White is a rapist. Do not let this man come to your venues, consume alcohol, be around the people who support your venue, or support his band.

1st picture is from the band’s FB. 2nd picture is the current Facebook photo of the perpetrator. Here is the original post with a thorough account of what Rick White did, including the fact that he admitted to committing rape. See this updated post for more stories from other locals who have received unsolicited and unwanted advances and pictures of his penis. Including his picture in this post because this man frequents many RVA bars and shows and people NEED TO KNOW who he is.

Tumblr people! Reblog this and it will show up on Google searches. People NEED to know about the bands they’re potentially touring with, booking, or thinking about going to see play. Make sure that anyone considering booking or seeing Amateur Thieves know that they are supporting a rapist.

Do not support Amateur Thieves. Do not support rapists or reinforce rape apologist culture.

midatlantic babies take note :(

also his fucking hat

take note, babes

This dumbfuck messaged me today

This is gross. I hope I never encounter this creep.

And what the fuck is “romantic pop-punk” anyway? It sounds like something “good guys who wear fedoras” would listen to while crying into a pizza about how girls just don’t “get” him or something.

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It comes with 2 subwoofers 

It comes with 2 subwoofers 

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